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Holiday/Christmas - Passed Appetizers & Hot Lunch/Dinner

Passed Appetizers & Hot Lunch/Dinner Menu Combinations
Buffet Style Full Service


  • Decorative Cucumber Cups with Spicy Gazpacho garnished with Roasted Peppers & Chives
  • Tandoori Style New Potato filled with Sweet Corn, Mango, Mushroom, Quinoa & Carrot Garnished with Chives
  • Jerk Veggie Corn Tortilla Cups filled with Green Bean, Red Pepper, Mango, Carrot & Spicy Balsamic Pumpkin Sauce.
  • Miniature Vegan Curry Pie with Potato, Corn, Black Currant and Carrot. Made with Gluten Free Casement. 
  • Assorted Color Zucchini Cups with Mushrooms, Lentils, Chickpeas, Raisins, Tofu & Cumin topped with Vegan Sour Cream

  • Grilled Veggie Kabob with Tofu, Pepper, Red Onion, Tomato & Black Olive with Vegan Ginger Miso Sauce

  • Carrot, Potato & Scallion Pancake with Herb Goat Cheese, Green Tomato & Apple Chutney, Chives & Roasted Red Pepper
  • Petite Welsh Rare Bit with English Double Gloucester cheese and Guinness Beer displayed in White, Wholegrain and Pumpernickel shapes, garnished with Tomato Slice & Scallion Spear
  • Curried Pastie with Potato, Peas, Carrots & Black Currants with English Cucumber, Cumin & Major Grey Chutney Dipping Sauce.
  • Welsh Rare Bit Jacket Potato -Tiny New Potato filled with English Double Gloucester & Guinness Beer, garnished Tomato Slice & Scallion Spear
  • Florentine New Potato baked with Fresh Spinach, Portobello Mushroom, Three Italian Cheeses, Red Onion, Garlic & Marsala wine topped with Red Roasted Pepper
  • Baked Brie with Fuji Apple, English Chutney & Pecan in tiny Phyllo Cup garnish with Scallion Spear
  • English Stilton, Pear, Pecan & Black Currant Chutney baked in Tiny Tomato Phyllo Cup garnished with Scallion Spear
  • Miniature Tandoori Pie with Potato, Peas, Carrot, Corn & Black Currants
  • Tiny Quiche with Spinach, Wild Mushroom, Cream Cheese, Apricot Chutney



Category: Holiday

Type: Special Event